Mangakino Health Centre Ltd
60 Rangatira Drive Mangakino

PHONE: 07 8828299



Dr Mark Lockwood

Dr Mark Lockwood MB ChB FRNZCGP
Mark is our longest serving Doctor he will generally  be working 2 days a week on Thursday and  Friday until his retirement 29 Feb 2024.

He has over 30 years of full time General Practice experience.

Dr Hilary Willson

Is back working with us and will generally be working Monday to Wednesday  

Awaiting Further Information 


Mangakino Health Center providing affordable health care for our community .

Mangakino Health currently has two Part Time Nurses Fiona Wing and Lizzie Drysdale who will be starting shortly . Lizzie is originally from Mangakino. She will be available from 9am till around 3 pm, except Wednesday. Fiona is from Taumarunui and has been working at Mangakino for over 5 Years . Fiona who is a rural nurse and in Training to be a Nurse Practitioner she   usually works Mondays and Thursdays, Fiona often sees high needs LINC patients with chronic conditions.


The nurses can be contacted on the phone through reception and will be able to give you your results on the phone and offer appropriate advice to further management. They also specifically offer a full range of routine and travel vaccinations, dressings, blood tests, blood pressure testing,ear syringing, pregnancy tests, general health advice, pre-school well child checks, as well as a host of other services. The nurses tends to manage our recalls and so will often be the one who contacts patients about health matters.

Support Staff


Karen Treloar is our full time Receptionist .
Please phone on 07 8828299.
When she is not working at Mangakino Health, she is busy gardening or cycling.


Donna Speers is our fill in receptionist.

Practice Manager

Charlene Campbell is Our practice manager. Charlene is a Local woman who has lived in Mangakino for pretty much all her life. She has been with us almost all the time we have been running the practice in the past she was our receptionist but has now become our manager and is more in the back room than out front. If you have any problems or disputes she is the one to contact. She is also a "Justice of the Peace" and as such is a further asset to our community.                
She can be contacted through reception during
office hours on 07 8828299         or you can Email: Charlene through